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HIGH RISE BUILDINGS, regarded as taller than 100 meters and constructed before 2000, primarily used gearless DC machines to operate elevators. Controlling those machines was accomplished by either motor generator (MG) sets or SCR-controlled static DC drives.
Updating older elevator machines with modern DC drive technology can significantly reduce energy costs for your building, provide a longer useful life, and offer substantial savings in installation versus a complete AC motor replacement.
Virtually all parts of DC machines can be rebuilt or repaired at reasonable costs.
Maintenance and repair can be provided by independent service companies.
Magnetek’s Quattro DC is the optimal choice for a successful modernization project, offering:
• Energy Savings
• Lower Installation Costs Compared to AC Motor and Drive Replacements
• Superior Ride Quality
• Improved Performance
• Long Usable Life
Some of the most iconic buildings across the globe have incorporated Quattro DC elevator drives, achieving signi cantly improved ride quality and energy savings.
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Buildings around the world can still bene t from a DC modernization.

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